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I am Alasdair Burns and I decided to set-up These Are My Wishes because I’ve had to help organise two funerals. I really struggled because I was suffering terribly with huge levels of grief and this was further compounded with additional stress because I didn’t really know what to do when it came to delivering a funeral that truly reflected the wishes of my loved ones.

We made a lot of decisions based on what we thought they might like and also how we felt about them. It was a great honour to organise their funerals and I think between close family and friends we certainly did celebrate their lives. However, I truly believe that one of the most thoughtful things you can do for your family, when the worst happens to you, is to give them the freedom to celebrate your life instead of the burden of planning your funeral. Take control and do it now – it will be a liberating feeling and you can then carry on doing extraordinary things with your life. In addition, by capturing your wishes in writing you’ll know that your requests will be honoured.

Leave your wishes now and encourage your family, friends and colleagues to do the same.

Best wishes,